The 4×4 Essentials

Only being out on the path with someone who isn’t prepared is worse! Being the guy who borrows equipment to blow down tires, has no tow-strap attachment point on his car, or scrounges beers from us after a day of off-roading isn’t going to earn you any friends. One of the unwritten rules will be written down: Bring everything you’ll need to survive.

The 4×4 Off Road Essentials

1. Maxtrax

The use of a winch or snatch strap necessitates huge forces, and failure could be fatal. The safest option is to simply drive out of a stalled situation—no other vehicle is required. Maxtrax can help with that. The nylon recovery boards also double as shovels: if you can’t drive out with them under your tires, you may use them to dig out your wheels.

2. Tires

Some individuals assume that all-wheel drive can magically cure wheel slides in the snow, while others feel that a transfer case or locking differential will solve any off-road tire inefficiency. Unfortunately, driving through mud, rocks, or sand in summer tires (or worse, balding or cracked ones) is a recipe for disaster. Different tires have been designed to handle various environments.

3. Heavy Duty Repair Kit

It’s a good idea to hope for the best and plan for the worse when it comes to outdoor recreation, especially ones that require a car. Granted, a flat tire isn’t the worst thing that can happen on the trails, but it’s certainly on the list. Bring the Heavy Duty Repair Kit with you to reduce the danger.

4. Air Compressor

Dropping the air pressure on your tires is the simplest technique to increase traction off-road. For any vehicle, twenty PSI is a decent all-around figure. In soft sand, snow, or mud, you can go as low as eight PSI with normal equipment. Just be careful around pebbles and other obstacles; the lower your pressure, the more likely your wheels may be damaged.

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