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How to Get Into Dirt Bike Racing

If you own a dirt bike, you must get into amateur dirt bike racing. Dirt bikes offer the purest form of motorcycling that takes you off the road and into the wild with no pedestrians, traffic, or strict rules to follow. The first step to getting into dirt bike racing is to find the nearest […]

Fit for Extreme Adventures

Adventures come in different forms and different difficulties. While some enjoy having peaceful and calm activities, there are individuals who indulge themselves in extreme sports and activities. One of these activities makes use of dirt bikes. Dirt bikes is a motor vehicle made for the use of having ridden in unpaved surfaces, narrow tracks in […]

My Introduction

HI! My name is Rover Pederson- ACTIVE motorcyclist! Been throwin’ my leg over a motorcycle for over 50 years now!!! Originally from Rochester, MN. Graduate of John Marshall High School, class of 1984!! Love trail ride, track ride & street ride, of course!! If it has 2 wheels, I am interested!! Currently in Colorado. Been […]

New MOTO Gear Company!!! S.O.F.A.

Want to see some really cool new gear? Check it out; SOFA! State OF Attraction moto gear! Innovative clean and COOL… really, I mean it; COOL, as in not “HOT” ! Breathable! Also the Prozip function is so neat to have built in!!! Check out the site attached & place an order! Also, if you […]

Dirt Biking

Dirt Biking in simple words is one of the best adventure sports in the world for the simple fact that you will be able to enjoy nature and discover the environment at a fast pace thanks to the usage of your dirt bike, the reason why this sport is so popular is that there are […]

Essential Tips for Dirt Bike Trail Riding

If you’re a rookie dirt bike rider looking to get out on the right foot, here are some helpful tips to help you become a dirt biking legend, or at the very least a lot more proficient. Essential Tips for Dirt Bike Trail Riding 1. Elbows up You won’t have much leverage if you keep […]

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