My Introduction


My name is Rover Pederson- ACTIVE motorcyclist! Been throwin’ my leg over a motorcycle for over 50 years now!!! Originally from Rochester, MN. Graduate of John Marshall High School, class of 1984!!

Love trail ride, track ride & street ride, of course!!

If it has 2 wheels, I am interested!!

Currently in Colorado. Been in the “High” country for over 30 years now. The community just over an hour west of Denver. Maybe you know of it; Summit County?

Colorado’s Playground- Breckenridge, Keystone, A-Basin & Copper Mountain ski areas are all there!! Read more »

Moto Tracks & Trails in Summit County Colorado- It’s ALL about the Connections!

Hey ALL you motorcyclists!!

Happy Dec- 12-1-21!!

Here is where I live, Summit County, Colorado!

I live in a pretty popular tourist area! Ski areas are the biggest draw in the winter but in the summer we have a different idea outdoors!!

Check this stuff out & reach out to me if you have any questions or want to hook up in the future to ride in the mountains!


Summit CO. Colorado Off Road Riders Club!


Leadville Motocross Track!

Tenderfoot Track Dillon, CO!


How to Get Into Dirt Bike Racing

If you own a dirt bike, you must get into amateur dirt bike racing. Dirt bikes offer the purest form of motorcycling that takes you off the road and into the wild with no pedestrians, traffic, or strict rules to follow.

The first step to getting into dirt bike racing is to find the nearest motocross track. There you can practice your skills and get to master your bike. Each bike is different and because motocross has an elevated level of challenge, you need to be prepared. Knowing the limits of your bike is essential.

The second step is to enroll in a motocross school. This can be a costly experience but it makes a big difference in improving your offroad skills. Read more »

Fit for Extreme Adventures

Adventures come in different forms and different difficulties. While some enjoy having peaceful and calm activities, there are individuals who indulge themselves in extreme sports and activities. One of these activities makes use of dirt bikes.

Dirt bikes is a motor vehicle made for the use of having ridden in unpaved surfaces, narrow tracks in which the usual motorcycles cannot pass through. Unlike a motorcycle, dirt bikes can withstand muds, rocks, rough terrains since it is made using lightweight materials.

As riding this vehicle is considered as an extreme activity, it is only suitable for individuals who have the will to involve in such activity. Relatively, owners of this vehicle can do adventures that involve adrenaline. However, learning how to ride one is not that easy. Read more »

New MOTO Gear Company!!! S.O.F.A.

Want to see some really cool new gear? Check it out; SOFA! State OF Attraction moto gear!

Innovative clean and COOL… really, I mean it; COOL, as in not “HOT” ! Breathable!

Also the Prozip function is so neat to have built in!!! Check out the site attached & place an order!

Also, if you have some time check back soon for the new designs coming up!!!!

Dirt Biking

Dirt Biking in simple words is one of the best adventure sports in the world for the simple fact that you will be able to enjoy nature and discover the environment at a fast pace thanks to the usage of your dirt bike, the reason why this sport is so popular is that there are tons of possibilities in the terrains where dirt biking can be performed.

You can develop amazing skills while riding your dirt bike and having fun is something that will be practically guaranteed thanks to all of the unique moments that you will be able to experience while jumping from obstacles, making races with friends, or just by discovering the area in magnificent conditions.

Just like other adventure sports is extremely necessary that you void traveling alone in dirt biking because you never know when bad things or accidents occur, and you have to count on someone that could provide you aid in case that something bad happens. Read more »

Off Road Hill Climbing

The Off Roading Hill Climbing is an activity that is performed with two-wheeled all-terrain vehicles, in which you have to reach a finish line located on a hill, but through a series of terrains with great difficulties, without the vehicle can be damaged, are actions that involve high degrees of difficulty, where the skill and expertise of the driver must be perfectly combined with the conditions of the engine, transmission and chassis of the motorcycle to achieve the final goal, and where the time used is of great importance, because the one who takes the shortest time to achieve it is the winner of the competition.

The discipline of Off Roading Hill Climbing is one of the oldest off-road motorcycle competitions in motorcycling, starting its practice with the entry of the twentieth century, is a sport that offers great emotions, as the motorcycles used are of high displacement, so they develop high speeds on routes with exaggerated and complicated curves, making the competition an extraordinary spectacle. Read more »

The 4×4 Essentials

Only being out on the path with someone who isn’t prepared is worse! Being the guy who borrows equipment to blow down tires, has no tow-strap attachment point on his car, or scrounges beers from us after a day of off-roading isn’t going to earn you any friends. One of the unwritten rules will be written down: Bring everything you’ll need to survive.

The 4×4 Off Road Essentials

1. Maxtrax

The use of a winch or snatch strap necessitates huge forces, and failure could be fatal. The safest option is to simply drive out of a stalled situation—no other vehicle is required. Maxtrax can help with that. The nylon recovery boards also double as shovels: if you can’t drive out with them under your tires, you may use them to dig out your wheels.

2. Tires

Some individuals assume that all-wheel drive can magically cure wheel slides in the snow, while others feel that a transfer case or locking differential will solve any off-road tire inefficiency. Unfortunately, driving through mud, rocks, or sand in summer tires (or worse, balding or cracked ones) is a recipe for disaster. Different tires have been designed to handle various environments.

3. Heavy Duty Repair Kit

It’s a good idea to hope for the best and plan for the worse when it comes to outdoor recreation, especially ones that require a car. Read more »

Essential Tips for Dirt Bike Trail Riding

If you’re a rookie dirt bike rider looking to get out on the right foot, here are some helpful tips to help you become a dirt biking legend, or at the very least a lot more proficient.

Essential Tips for Dirt Bike Trail Riding

1. Elbows up

You won’t have much leverage if you keep them close to your body, so controlling the handlebars will be tough. However, simply elevating your elbows to the sides makes the bike much easier to handle, and because your elbows are now bent, you will be able to absorb steering and suspension movements much more easily.

2. Come prepared

Prepare yourself. Bring tools, spare parts, a spare jerrycan, and a tire patching kit, for example. It’s better to be overprepared than underprepared. It may seem obvious, but you’d be shocked by how many stranded folks you’ll come across on your travel who might use a little additional fuel.

3. Manage your Speed

Nothing puts you at more risk than driving too quickly for your skill and/or the conditions. It’s relatively easy to keep your throttle hand in check, but controlling speed on a muddy, steep downhill trail is difficult. The secret is to spot the issue ahead of time and slow down to a crawl rather than trying to scrub off speed when gravity and absolutely no traction generate the equivalent of a slip and slide. Read more »

Off Roading

Off-Roading is an adventure sport that consists of the main usage of a car or vehicle to drive in off-road terrain that consists mainly of sand, gravel, dirt, mud, snow, rocks, and other natural terrains that will make it a unique driving experience, the main reason why this sport is so popular around the world is that drivers often want some good and unique challenges to prove and develop their driving skills, and there is not a better way of doing this, also, let’s not forget that off-roading is capable of developing unique experiences as you will be able to enjoy the terrain and natural conditions of the path where you decide to drive.

The most used vehicles for this adventure sport are 4×4 vehicles that count with the unique capacity and strength of passing and crossing obstacles without any problem thanks to their unique mechanical composition. Read more »

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