Off Road Hill Climbing

The Off Roading Hill Climbing is an activity that is performed with two-wheeled all-terrain vehicles, in which you have to reach a finish line located on a hill, but through a series of terrains with great difficulties, without the vehicle can be damaged, are actions that involve high degrees of difficulty, where the skill and expertise of the driver must be perfectly combined with the conditions of the engine, transmission and chassis of the motorcycle to achieve the final goal, and where the time used is of great importance, because the one who takes the shortest time to achieve it is the winner of the competition.

The discipline of Off Roading Hill Climbing is one of the oldest off-road motorcycle competitions in motorcycling, starting its practice with the entry of the twentieth century, is a sport that offers great emotions, as the motorcycles used are of high displacement, so they develop high speeds on routes with exaggerated and complicated curves, making the competition an extraordinary spectacle.

One of the most interesting championships of Off Roading Hill Climbing takes place in Colorado, United States, and is called “The Race to the Clouds”, in this competition the participants must climb Pikes Peak, in the Rocky Mountains south of the city of Denver, there are 19 kilometers where they must travel 156, with a start at 2866 meters above sea level and reach the finish line at 4301 meters above sea level.

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